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Your viewpoint seems to be in opposition to what just about every Christian denomination teaches today. Don’t you think you’re out on a limb?

I may be out on a limb with respect to today’s denominations. But it is today’s denominations that are out on a limb with respect to historical Christianity. The West lost its way theologically in the 19th century, lost its morals in the 20th and is now losing its wealth and prosperity. I stand with the faithful church, the church of the first 18 centuries of the Christian era.

The book is replete with Scripture quotations to substantiate its claims. It is really just the simple truth of God’s word, unvarnished by devious theological interpretations that tend to hide the plain truth. But the book doesn’t stand on its own in this regard. It is merely an introduction to a theological perspective known as Christian Reconstruction. There is a very substantial wealth of material that addresses these issues in great depth that is freely accessible at