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Lou Poumakis is a retired electrical engineer who practiced this profession until 2002, but has been a serious student of God’s Word since his conversion in 1974. ┬áHe was ordained as elder in the Christian Reformed Church and later as minister in the Federation of Reformed Churches.

Early on, he was attracted to the work of R.J. Rushdoony at Chalcedon Foundation, where he discovered Postmillennialism and Christian Reconstruction. These doctrines reflected a truly Biblical Christian faith that possessed a dynamic that Contrasted favorably with the outlook  that predominated in what he had seen elsewhere.

“Faith on Earth?” is primarily based on information garnered from this source. Before writing “Faith on Earth?”, Poumakis published several articles relating God’s Word to current events.

Lou Poumakis and his wife Joan have been married since 1955 and now live in Florida. They have been blessed with two children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.