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You seem to be saying that the church has failed in its charter. Is this so?

Early in the Christian era, the church began to see itself as an end, instead of, as God intended, a means to an end. Instead of sticking to its God-given charter: to preserve and teach God’s word to the world, it became introspective, focussed on itself. It sought to make itself the end point of all Christian activity.

In doing this, it has narrowed the scope of Christianity, limiting it to so-called religious matters. The focus was on individual conversions and church membership. But God’s word governs all of life and all of society, including civil government. Because God is God, all human activity must come under the umbrella of God’s law… and the involvement of all Christians is needed to bring that about.

The churches need to teach Christians that this is their responsibility before there can be any sort of unified or widespread effort. But most churches will not change their dogma at this point. So what is needed is a grass-roots movement that forces the churches to pay attention. Hopefully, Faith on Earth will contribute to this.