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You criticize the pluralistic society we live in today. Why?

The idea that peoples of significantly different religions can live together harmoniously under a single law system is fallacious. Law is always based on morals and morals are based on religious views. For Christians, Jesus should be “King of kings and Lord of lords!”  The government rests upon His shoulders. He is the giver of the law, all law!

Historically peoples of different religions did not live together. The rule was: one city, one government, one religion. Pluralism came to America because of an early concern for religious freedom. The Founders saw it as freedom to worship in the Christian church or denomination of one’s choice. The Constitution, though, did not spell this out clearly and it later was interpreted to include all religions, including atheism or humanism.

Having been granted equal status with Christianity, atheistic humanism grew to the position of dominance it now holds in today’s culture. As a result, we have in America today two major competing religions, Christianity and humanism. One respects human life at every stage, the other subordinates it to the wishes of the mother. The current abortion controversy that resulted from these differing religious views is just one example of the kinds of disputes that arise.

We also could look at the situation in our schools where the Christian faith is excluded. All this is the inevitable consequence of an experiment in pluralism. Christians need to live in a Christian society under laws that reflect God’s laws. We are a long way from that today and it can’t be changed in a day or perhaps not even in a generation. But it is God’s commandment and it is what we need to be working toward.