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You call attention to the need for national obedience. Why is this so important?

God’s law is a life-giving and life-enhancing law. To the extent individuals (and society as a whole) obeys it, God’s blessings are invoked. To the extent it is not obeyed or only partially obeyed, they are withheld. When we look at Scripture carefully, we can see that societal obedience has been a major factor as to whether a people are blessed or cursed. When God judges a society, everyone suffers, regardless of personal obedience.

America is beginning to feel God’s judgment for its national apostasy. Where the church has taught obedience to God’s law at all, it has focussed on individuals and families and has neglected to assert that civil governments are also under God. It has given governments a free ride, permitting them latitude that Scripture does not. In fact, as far as most people, even most Christians, are concerned, government is not under God at all.

For Christianity to prosper and the nation to be blessed, churches need to teach and Christians need to insist that the nation’s laws reflect God’s laws.

This is not so far-fetched as it may seem. There are many Christians in America today and, if this notion were to gain popularity in the Christian community, their influence would soon be felt in Washington and at every level of government.

Do not despise small beginnings; remember that twelve apostles started a movement that eventually conquered Rome and so permeated Europe that it came to be known as Christendom.