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Why do you say that the concept of national sovereignty is wrong?

Sovereignty is more than independence from other nations. To be sovereign is to be the ultimate source of law. The sovereign has no one above him (or behind him) that tells him how to govern or how to legislate. Harry Truman, as president, said, “the buck stops here.” For Christians that believe we must obey God rather than men, God is the only sovereign and the only source of law and the buck stops with Him, not the president, the Supreme Court or any other human agency. God and God alone determines right and wrong.

Because at any point in time and space there cannot be two sovereigns, nations that claim sovereignty must also deny God. Christians must deny national sovereignty and require that laws be based on God’s word. When they fail to do so, they are denying God His sovereignty.

For example: when Christians object to the legalization of abortion, this must be the reason set forth for their objections. When they argue against abortion (for medical or other reasons) and fail to assert God’s sovereignty, they are simply acceding to the sovereignty of the state. Christians need to see that for God to be God, He must be God everywhere and His law must be the law above all man’s laws.

Indeed, His law is in fact operative everywhere and those that refuse to obey will be judged by that law, if not in this life, in the next.