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There are two viruses at large in America today. There is the medical Corona Virus that the media has the nation focusing on and there is the far more significant, political/sociological virus that is attacking our long-held freedoms.

What is going on? Has the entire world gone crazy? It would seem so but, believe it or not, there is a method and a purpose behind all this madness. The super-rich, owners of the media and the great bulk of the nation’s wealth, are making a serious, concerted bid to elevate themselves over the rest of us. What we’re seeing before our eyes is their attempt to change America from the relatively free country it still is to a socialistic prison. We, the common citizens are to be the inmates and they the rulers over us.

The Corona Virus has been blown-up in magnitude as a cover for the real purpose, enslavement of the American people. Sadly, it seems that most of us are foolish dupes and are falling headlong into a trap laid by an extremely few, but very wealthy and very powerful individuals.

Their plan to take over a nation that has a long history of freedom is not without risk. Their almost totally owned media controls the thinking of most of the population. There is at this time, though, a small but growing core of resistance. The perpetrators of this truly criminal act may well find that all they accomplish will be to wake up a sleeping giant, America’s Christians.

God’s army has been asleep for many decades. They were deceived by the Darby/Scofield lies that undermined their earlier, strongly held purpose: the establishment of a God-fearing, God-obeying, Christian world.

God’s enemy has flexed his muscles and induced his followers to attempt a takeover. America is the key to his success. The question still before us is: to what extent will he succeed in this attempt to destroy this nation and eventually all faith in God?

How did we get here? How did this happen? Where are the guardians of our freedom? Sadly, there are very few guardians remaining among our elected leaders. They have been replaced by unscrupulous politicians, mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, etc. They have sold-out to the very rich, very powerful, very godless individuals that already rule over us in many ways.

Wake up Christian America! You are under attack by sinister, previously hidden, extremely evil forces that wish to make you their slaves. It is time to put aside your distorted faith in a rapture that will not come anytime soon. God has assigned you the task of teaching the nations, all the nations of the world, to obey His Commandments (Matt. 28:18-20).

It is by no means an impossible task. God does not ask the impossible. It is well within your ability. If you hold back now, how will you explain your negligence when you see Him in person?