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There is much turmoil in the world today. Its source is clearly from the rich and powerful who are now attempting to lead us into the willing acceptance of a dictatorial state. It may well be presented as the only alternative to total chaos. America has to a great degree already submitted to this. Its money, its information media, its schools, its government officials, and much more are today in the hands of a very few, very rich, very powerful and very evil individuals. Why? How did this happen in the America we love?

Actually, it is the inevitable consequence of our own failure. We seem to have forgotten that the only way we can be free to govern ourselves is when God’s Law is in our hearts. When God’s law ceases to govern, Satan’s law takes its place. There are no other sources of law! Our choices are limited: all of mankind is divided in two; we either obey God or are slaves of Satan.

When America’s Christians obeyed God, we were a self-governed, free people. As we increasingly neglected our duty to the God that provided it, we gradually lost that freedom. Yes, God’s people have work to do, work defined in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) where we find, not just one but two tasks! Yes, there really are two tasks there.

The first is well known but the second has been downplayed and neglected too long. The need to spread the Gospel message has been recognized but the command to teach the nations obedience has been sorely neglected. The word translated “teach” in our English translations has a greater depth of meaning than simply to convey understanding. It is to teach in such a way as to “make learners” of the converts. They are to become teachers themselves and make learner/teachers of others. The Gospel message was to spread rapidly, virtually explode, throughout the world of that day.

These instructions were not followed as they should have been and the world has not yet been converted. God tells us that one day it will be (Rev. 11:15), but only when His people see their responsibility and obey all of His instructions. There are too many idle Christians just sitting and waiting for His return. Do you belong to Him? If so, you have work to do.