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There are many Christian books published every year. What is different about Faith on Earth?

Faith on earth introduces the reader to an aspect of Christianity that is not well known among Christians today. It deals with the role that God intends Christians to play in His plan for this world. The reader is shown a side of Christianity he may never have been exposed to before. It opens a door to an important aspect of the meaning, purpose and significance of being a Christian in today’s world.

It is different from what one hears from most pulpits today in that:

  1. It sees the degradation of Christian values in the culture at large, not as an unavoidable, biblical-based prophecy that the world belongs to Satan and must necessarily get worse and worse until Jesus returns. It sees the awful depths of depravity this country has descended into as the failure of the church to inform Christians of their responsibility to God to be the salt and light Jesus identified them as (Matt. 5:13-15).
  2. It is optimistic for the future. It sees the Great Commission as being fulfilled and the Christian faith as the faith of the whole world before the Lord returns.
  3. It places the responsibility for accomplishing this, not just with pastors and missionaries, but with every believer, with all true Christians.

These are not just new ideas. They reflect back to historic Christianity, prior to the 19th century, before the birth of this pessimistic view of the future that most churches hold to today.