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The Supreme Court Decision On Marriage

The reaction to the Court’s decision by much of the Christian leadership community has been pathetic, largely one of surprise, shock and dismay intermixed with pleas to avoid panic. What these leaders should have seen coming for years, comes to them as a great surprise. They now tell us to be calm but utterly fail to provide any real leadership. They tell us that all we need to do is pray and God will provide an answer. All we need to do is to keep doing what we’ve been doing and all will be well. In other words, don’t do anything rash such as looking for new leadership, leadership that might have an answer as to what action we might take. Don’t let this disaster upset our apple cart. We are all very comfortable in our current positions and, really, you need us and can’t do without us.

What, though, have these leaders done? They have told us that the only responsibility Christians have is related to their personal lives, their families, and the Christian circles they find themselves in. The only exception to this is to support churches, missionaries and evangelists. The rest of the world is to be left to itself to do as it wishes. Well that is precisely what it has done and continues to do. Christians have abandoned the world and left it to unbelievers who are diligently working to bring it into conformity with their godless way of life. The Supreme Court decision is merely one step in a process that is leading to a totally unbelieving world, a world without Christians and without God. You need to understand, it doesn’t stop here. Unbelief is anti-God and will not desist until the faith is entirely destroyed!

So what can we do? To begin with, we can obey God! He has given us His Word and we need to look there for our directions. Jesus said that we are to be salt and light. As salt, we are to preserve the good in the world and as light, we are to penetrate into the darkness of this current evil world. We are to shine the truth of God’s word into that darkness and illuminate it so that the lies of darkness are replaced with truth. This includes political action! Politics today is such a large segment of our culture that it cannot be ignored. We have permitted a tiny handful of homosexuals to effect legislation that is a serious threat to both family and church. If Christians are to obey their Lord in this, they need to become politically and culturally active. It isn’t just an option or a task to be left to a select few; every believer that is a true believer and desires to obey his Lord is called to this task. To disdain to do so is to disobey the Lord! Contrary to much popular belief, God will not do for us what He has commanded us to do.

America has been greatly blessed by God and there are many true believers in this country. If even a minority are awakened to this responsibility, we could see a very significant change for the better in short order. The goal, though, must not be merely a reversal of the Court’s decision; it must be the building of a Christian America, an America with a culture and laws that conform to our Lord’s commandments. This, of course, will take time but we can take comfort as we see the tide begin to reverse and in knowing that we are obeying our Lord.