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The Commission

There was a time when a commission from a king or some other notable person was a highly regarded task.  One receiving such an honor pursued it to completion with much diligence.  What could be more urgent than the King’s command?  Well, how about God’s command?  Shouldn’t it be even more urgent?  How many of God’s people today ignore, simply ignore God’s command to teach the nations to obey His commandments?  

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

The Problem

We are at a critical point in history.  Satan has taken advantage of our negligence and has made a bid for control of America and the rest of the world.  But he has overstepped himself and is ready to fall.  All God’s people need to do at this point is obey God.  We need to get serious about responding to His Great Commission.  God has promised to supply all our needs in Christ Jesus.  It is time for us to hear and answer His call to action. 

Our Task 

What can be done about this terrible tragedy that has taken place?  How can all this damage possibly be corrected?  The answer is really quite simple.  All God’s people need to do is to begin to obey God’s Great Commission.  They must obey, though, without reservations, and with dedicated hearts.  They need to convey, to as many as they can, the message of God’s great and free salvation.  They teach the nations to obey all His commandments and thereby begin the process of making this world a Christian world. 

We may see this as a huge and impossible task and it would be were we really just a few.  But we are more, many more than just a few.  God says He has His seven thousand, which means a large and sufficient number.  All we need to do is begin to obey Him but we hold back in fear of failure.  We think we are too few in number to do any good and don’t realize the huge force we actually represent. 

God’s clear intent in assigning us this task is world-wide Christianity.  This may sound like a huge and impossible task but it isn’t that at all.  All that is needed to make a good and lasting start is well within our ability to manage.  There are millions of true believers, millions of born-again Christians in this country and around the world.  God tells us that He is ready to give us all the support we need to change, first this country and then the rest of the world.  All God’s people need to do is have faith and get started.  When we do,  all the support we need and even more will be forthcoming.


Where do we begin?  How do we start this glorious effort?  Who to call?  Call your fellow believers first.  Build a fire in their hearts to take action by calling all their believing friends and rousing them to do likewise.  It’s God’s time and the time for His people to respond in obedience to His call.  Take courage and start.  You will be doing what God has already prepared you to do. What may begin as a task will turn into a blessing, one that fills your life with meaning, purpose and everlasting joy. 

A couple of centuries ago there was a strong emphasis on and much effort was being exerted toward this goal.  Today, it is all but a dead idea.  Many of God’s people now believe a lie.  They believe that we are now in the last days.  This idea took hold about fifty years ago when the Jews were given property in Israel.  A huge majority of misinformed Christians took this as a sign that the end of the world was near. 

God’s people need to put this wrong-headed idea behind them.  They need to get back on the track their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were on.  It was based solely on God’s Word and not on one man’s interpretation of what God meant.  They need to see that there is much work to do.  God depends on His people.  He gave us an assignment 2,000 years ago and it is still unfulfilled.  We have even more grossly neglected this task for over a century now.  We need to get back to God’s work before the way back becomes far greater than it is today. 

God has not shortened the schedule.  He will give us all the time we need to make this world a God-fearing world.  This task, though, may not be as great as it might seem.  There are many Christians in this country and around the world as well.  The social power they represent is enormous.  When this sleeping giant finally wakes, the world will change rapidly.  God’s seven thousand could become seven billion in far less time than we might think. 

The Opposition

Why the radical change?  How did so vital and urgent a mission die so rapidly and so completely?  It was due to a great deception perpetrated by an ingenious agent, the Devil himself.  He guided a man he previously prepared to write a book.  It was a book written as notes that accompanied an ordinary King James Bible. 

Many God fearing men pointed out the many obvious falsehoods in the notes contained within the Scofield “Bible” but biblically ignorant men and women carried the day.  They saw the notes, not as Satan’s lies but as wise explanations of God’s Word.  They felt it put a tool in their hands they never had before.  In their eyes it put the average person at or above the level of a Bible school graduate.  It was heady stuff, formulated and implemented very cleverly.  Much truth was present that masked the serious lies, such as:

  1. Scofield says: The Ten Commandments were for the Ancient Jews only and not for God’s people today.  They are seen as a guideline only and not commandments we must obey today.  They said that such obedience  conflicted with God’s free grace.  Too many, they say, will rest on their having made a choice rather than on God’s having chosen them.  In fact, there is no conflict at all.  God tells us very clearly that we cannot earn our salvation but are saved by grace alone:

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.  (Ephesians 2: 8,9)

We also see here that even the faith to believe in God is not our own.  It is not a decision we make for ourselves.  Our faith is a gift from God. 

  • Scofield says that God is not always sufficient in Himself.  He says that God changed His mind several times. He rescinded His previous decision to wait for all His chosen people to first be born and then be born-again before He ends the world.   He decided to shorten His schedule, to end the world sooner than He originally planned. and let most of its people go to Hell.
  • Scofield says:  “God changed His mind.” But a God that changed His mind once can change it again.  His word then, is never sure and certain.  He is not the God of the Bible.  Whatever document that says God changed His mind is false and must be wholly rejected by God’s people. 
  • For these reasons, the notes in the Scofield book that calls itself a bible must be rejected in all it says.  It may contain some truth but all it says is suspect and nothing it says can be relied on as truth.  

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