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The Abolition Of Christianity?

America, once a strongly Christian nation, is now coming close to rejecting Christianity. Christians, still the majority in America, have surrendered the keys of the kingdom to unbelievers. The clear teachings of the Bible and the wishes of the great majority are openly ignored by America’s lawmakers, all without more than a whimper from most Christians. Why aren’t there millions of protests pouring into Washington every week? Where is the vitality that brought the Christian faith from twelve disciples to the world’s greatest religion?

Somehow, over the past several decades, the Christian faith has changed. Its previous optimism has become pessimism. It once believed that the Christian faith was God’s plan for the whole world and that all Christians were a part of it. Jesus’ command to teach the nations to obey Him (Matt. 28:18-20) was taken seriously. These words were dubbed “The Great Commission” which every serious Christian saw as his God-given duty to uphold and work toward.

These Christians were involved in cultural and political as well as family and church affairs. They did this in obedience to Christ but also out of compassion for the unbelievers that they saw as being in desperate need of His salvation. Christianity was never just about the saving of a few souls; it was the whole world Jesus came to save (John 3:17). They believed that Christ is the rightful ruler of the nations (Matt.28:18) and recognized the need to work to establish a Christian society in which every aspect of the national culture (including its laws!) was to reflect God’s love for His creatures. This was not subversion or revolution; it was God’s people working, within the existing law system, to bring about the salvation of America as a nation!

All this has been forsaken and we now have, right before our eyes, a vivid picture of what happens when we neglect the outside world and attempt to practice our faith privately. It rises up against us and demands, not just that we tolerate, but that we also accept and finally embrace its Godlessness. The end of this road is nothing less than The Abolition Of Christianity! We really cannot limit the Gospel; it’s either the whole world or nothing.

We Christians need to regain our faith in the faith and its eventual victory over unbelief. We need to reject the idea that Jesus gave us an impossible task. We need to face the sexual perverts, the baby killers, the pornographers and every other form of anti-Christian expression and defeat them at their own game. We need to speak up and demonstrate by our actions that America is still a Christian nation.