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Ten Commandments

The laws governing our lives in America today occupy rooms full of paper. Nevertheless, lawlessness is rampant. It is said that any person in business today violates at least three laws every day. God’s Law, just ten commandments occupy less than a single sheet of paper. It was sufficient to govern Ancient Israel for centuries and was the basic law that governed the lives of the common people in the Western World for almost two thousand years.

Where the Ten Commandments are cast aside, selfishness reigns and eventually society degenerates into lawless anarchy, inevitably followed by oppressive, totalitarian rule. We may have never seen the extremes but the end points of these two alternatives are life and death, respectively. Man is given a choice: he can obey God and live or disobey and die. It’s as simple as that, but without Christ man is unable to make the right choice. He, in Satan’s bondage, foolishly insists on being his own master and living according to his own wishes. It is only true Christians that are able to obey God and that God uses to bring the nations of the world into obedience. Their involvement is critical to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

In today’s world, in the wake of Dispensational theology’s triumph, many of God’s people have lapsed into a lethargic wait for Jesus’ once supposedly imminent return. A century has passed and no rapture yet. The Darby/Scofield duo sold us a bill of goods and we swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. We need to assess our failures and begin the recovery process.

It’s well past time to put away our lethargy and get busy, first cleaning up the mess we made and then moving forward on a path of obedience. We are God’s children, blessed beyond the richest unbeliever in the world. Our precious Lord who gave up so unbelievably much for us and asks so little of us, is waiting for our response. There is work to be done, a world to prepare for His return. It’s our job and it won’t get done ‘til we get to it.

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