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Satan’s Book

Satan is a God-created being. He exists to fulfil God’s purposes as do all things. We can see something of that purpose in this year’s events. Satan is flexing his muscles and attempting to exert his new-found strength in this world. God’s people, ordinarily his arch enemy that kept him subdued for centuries, have become so weak that he is now attempting to take control of the whole world.

How did this terrible situation arise? How did God’s people, once so strong, get so weak as to make it possible? Well, it didn’t happen overnight. Satan began with the introduction of a pleasant, good sounding but extremely evil storybook. His poison was very shrewdly embedded as notes within the well known and highly respected King James Bible.

Yes, Satan, the ultimate epitome of evil, produced a book that conveyed his evil message as notes immediately adjacent to the text of God’s Word. It was poison wrapped as sweet chocolate candy and America’s Christians swallowed it with relish. There was enough good material within it to disguise the deadly poison it contained.

This poisoned book, known as the Scofield Bible, was eagerly consumed by many of God’s people. It became the standard study Bible for the great majority of America’s Christians. Virtually all effective resistance to it was defeated or subdued and progress toward a Christian world was brought to a halt.

God’s response came this year in the form of Satan’s current attempt to destroy the U. S. Constitution and put an end to freedom in America. Will God’s people wake up to this challenge? Will they forsake the false faith they have been following and rescue their nation? So far they haven’t stirred a muscle.

Is this once godly and great nation to become Satan’s footstool? Is this bitter lesson the only one this wicked generation of disobedient Christians will hear? Must we find ourselves in the days of Ancient Rome before we realize what we’ve done?

Wake up Christians! You’ve been following Satan’s teachings. It’s time to burn your Scofield Bibles and relinquish all its many false teachings. These are not the last days for the world but they will mark the end of your freedom if you fail to wake up and act, now before it’s too late!

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