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We all have responsibilities.  Children must obey their parents.  Women must obey their husbands and all must obey God.  We all are responsible in various ways but our responsibility to obey God is foremost.  How many though, neglect this the greatest of all responsibilities?  Many claim to be God-fearing Christians but fail to obey God’s commandments in many ways every day? 

Every person that ever lived in this world, Jesus excepted, was born and lived as a sinner.  Some have been born-again and are forgiven but still they sin.  Sin, disobedience to God’s commandments, is a universal fault.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). 

This legacy of sin and death that we all share began with Adam, the first man.  When he disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit he and all his descendants, the whole world population, were condemned to death with him.  We live a few years then die and spend eternity in Hell.  All this is because our original parents disobeyed God and God sees us all in him.  He sees us, though, as the sinners, we are from birth.  We are born sinners and continue to sin all our lives.

God, though, is a merciful God.  He saw our plight, our entire inability to help ourselves and made a great personal sacrifice for us.  He sent His Son, His only begotten Son, to become a man and bear the penalty of the sins Adam and all his descendants committed and continue to commit every day.  He the sinless One became a man and pays the penalty of death for Adam’s sinful children.  Why, why did He need to die?  It is because God is truth and cannot lie.  He could not just wave His hand and declare just that which is unjust.  The innocent One had to die to pay the penalty of all the guilty that truly believe in Him and truly repent of their sins.  God the Son who lowered Himself, was born of a woman and lived a sinless life, died for all that really and truly believe, just believe! in Him.

This was not something He did here to then just return to heaven and be what He was before.  No, it was a permanent change.  He gave up equality with the Father to become one of His own creatures.  The Creator of all things took on Himself the nature of the creatures He created.  He gave up His right to continue as an Infinite Being to save some of His sinful creatures from eternal death in Hell. 

Why?  Why? you may ask, did He give up so much for His wicked creatures?  It is because God is love.  Love for others is at the root of His character and it is His nature to respond just as He did.  Yes, we as Satan’s possession, were entirely unable to help ourselves.  We couldn’t even see that we were captives and in mortal danger of eternal death.  Jesus saw our plight and responded in character. 

What then is our response to this huge sacrifice?  Do we just say thank you God for this great gift and go on with life as usual?  Do we simply ignore His request to spread this message of salvation to everyone we can and go on with life as usual?  Do we utterly give up the goal He gave us to work toward, the goal of making this world a Christian world?  Is that no longer possible?  Did God change His mind?  Does He ever change His mind?  No, He never does because He never needs to.  The lie that says God changed His mind comes from the pit of Hell, from Satan himself and from his book, the Scofield Bible. 

Many of God’s people, due to their abysmal ignorance of God’s true Word, were susceptible to Satan’s lies in this so-called Bible.  It is a true Bible that has been polluted by Scofield’s poisoned notes.  It should be labeled as Spiritual Poison for that is what it truly is. 

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