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Will there ever be a recovery from the crazy situation we find ourselves enmeshed in today?  We are definitely at the end of an age but what comes next?  Will God’s people ever give up the foolish notion that God changed His mind and decided to end the world before it has come to its senses.  When will they realize they have been following Satan instead of God? 

Yes, that is exactly what they have done and are continuing to do.  The craziness will not clear up until God’s people get back to obeying God.  They believe they are in obedience but have become so weak, so lacking in their understanding of Scripture that they now believe a lie.  It is the lie that says God changed His mind!  Really?  But Cod is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).  He never needs to and never does change His mind. 

God loves His creatures with an infinite love and will not settle for partial obedience from His chosen.  They must come to Him whole-heartedly, without any reservations whatever.  He looks for obedience to His commandments.  His people must obey him in all things.  They must obey His command to work to make this world a God-fearing, God-obeying world (Matthew 28:18-20).

When will they wake up and begin to truly obey God?  Only after they begin to live as God’s people of the first and second centuries did.  These, in obedience to God, lived, as the Apostles taught them, in small communities and diligently studied God’s Word on their own.  They did so in small groups almost every day.  They didn’t rely on just a Sunday sermon as almost all do today.  They valued and treasured God’s Word as a precious commodity and sought to understand it thoroughly and accurately. 

Sadly, this spirit of ultimate victory did not continue beyond those early centuries.  Why so?  It was due to a relaxation of the previous harshness of the Roman emperors.  The later rulers recognized its benefits and became friendly to Christianity.  They supported rather than opposed to the faith.  This friendship of the world was actually a detriment rather than a blessing.  A sudden influx of new ‘believers’ weakened rather than strengthened the communities of true believers.  What was a solid block of faithful believers became a mixed multitude, some with and some without true faith. 

So what can we do today?  How do we get God’s people back on track toward true obedience?  It would seem that it would require a massive re-education effort.  But no!  All it requires is repentance, true repentance by a few of God’s people.  Some are beginning to realize that they’ve been wrong and the few will rapidly grow into many.  It hasn’t begun yet but as the situation worsens it becomes increasingly more likely. 

It may not be this year or even this century but an eventual resurgence of the faith is certain.  As the world situation worsens, the true faith will grow and eventually be worldwide in scope.  Unbelief will be a rarity and perhaps totally absent.  Jesus will return to a world that believes in Him.  The dead will be raised, some to eternal life and others to eternal punishment.  Which, dear reader will be your destination?  Is your commitment to Christ a total and truly from your heart commitment?

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