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Why are we here?  Why are there so many people and so many other forms of living beings in this world?  Why are there any living things at all?  How can such questions be answered?  Clearly, they cannot be answered by anyone in this world.  The only one that can answer is the One that created and sustains it, the almighty God.   

This Creator God expressed Himself through a book He caused to be written by His servant Moses, His prophets, and His apostles.  This book we call the Bible is God’s Word to His intelligent creatures.  It informs them of who they are, how they got where they are today, and what their responsibilities to their Creator are.  This divinely inspired book tells them that they were put here for a purpose and have work to do.

He is a loving God and has promised to give His creatures all the help they need if they reject the gods of this world and believe, trust and obey Him.  No one does this on their own but God sends the Holy Spirit to indwell all those He chose in eternity past.  The Spirit within frees the person from Satan’s bondage and he js now a new creature, a new person in Christ.  He will never die but, when his time on earth comes to an end, will simply exchange his present body for a gloriously new and heavenly body.

Sadly, many Christians, instead of believing God, believed a lie that His enemy Satan concocted.  The lie says that God changed His mind, an utter impossibility, but many foolish Christians were taken in by it.  They neglected the personal study of God’s Word and relied on a once a week sermon as the total extent of their Bible study.  This is grossly insufficient.  Diligent Bible study and discussion with peers several hours per week is needed to gain a true understanding of one’s responsibility toward God.

What did God give His chosen people and what does He ask and expect of them.  He gave all His chosen ones the huge gift of eternal life in heaven and requires nothing, absolutely nothing in return.  He asks them, merely asks mind you, to spread the good news of this huge free gift to others.  This is the request God makes of every true believer.  It is so little in comparison with the gift of eternal life in heaven.

It would seem that this task would be seen as a very high priority for all God’s people, one that they would pursue diligently.  When they begin to do so with sufficient diligence, the world will begin to change and God’s purposes will begin to take shape.  The world will move ever more rapidly toward becoming what it will be one day, a truly God-fearing world.

Many of God’s people today have been deceived by Satan’s lies and believe that the end of the world is near.  They cannot see through Satan’s lies because they have not studied God’s Word as the early Christians did.  They have trusted to their pastor’s sermons and failed to come to a sufficient understanding of God’s Word for themselves.

It is not God’s purpose that His people be so weak and so easily deceived by the lies contained in Satan’s book, the Scofield Bible.  Its lies are not in the King James Bible itself, but in Scofield’s notes that grossly distort the true meaning of God’s Word. 

God’s purpose is that the entire world hears and is converted to the true Christian faith.  The responsibility to do this rests, not with a clergy class, but with all God’s people as individuals.  It cannot be limited to attending a weekly sermon or occasional witnessing.  It requires active participation on the part of all God’s people in the spreading of this good news to the world around them. 

One day, the entire world will be converted to the true faith.  Every person in every nation will have become a truly born-again believer and Jesus will return to a truly Christian world.  Then comes the end: the dead in Christ will rise first and meet the Lord in the air. All the faithful will be caught up to a final heavenly home.  This world, having served all its purposes, will be destroyed and be no more.

Where, dear reader do you stand relative to this future?  Are you a truly born-again child of God that will view these events from heaven?  If not, if you have not been born-again and really and truly placed all your trust in Christ, there is still time to rectify that sorry situation.  Don’t delay though, there are very few true death-bed conversions.

If you have been born again, there is much work to do.  There is a world to conquer for Christ!  Will you do your part?

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