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gave them a land in which they could live and prosper in obedience to Him. They failed to obey and repeatedly continued to fail for a thousand years.

Finally, God took a step that had eternal consequences. The Son, the Second Person of the Godhead, lowered Himself to become a man. He took on the nature of His own creature, joined Himself to them, was born of a woman, and lived a life as a creature in the world He, Himself created. Wonder of wonders! God becomes a man and then gives His life to take on Himself the due penalty, the sin-debt of His creatures!


Yes! we, everyone of us was under the due penalty of eternal death in a place of torment for first Adam’s sin and then our own sins. The God-man Jesus Christ lowers Himself from His eternal, infinite being and joins Himself to His own creatures. It is hard, impossible for us to fully comprehend this. But we can get a glimpse of it meaning. Our Lord and Creator really gave something up. He lowered, limited Himself to an eternal future existence in the form of a creature. The sacrifice He sacrificed was huge. He truly gave of Himself, gave up something infinite and took on Himself a finite nature. Why? Because God is Love personified and it was the only way we could be saved.

God tells us in His Word that He chose, not all but many of His creatures to be the beneficiaries of this great salvation. He, at some point in their lives sends The Spirit, God the third Person to indwell all those He chose in eternity past. Their names were written in His book before He made the worlds.

Is your name written there in His book? If it is, it is not because you chose Him but rather because He first chose you. He sent the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Life to give you life, spiritual life. You were dead in your sins, Satan’s captive, utterly unable and unwilling to help yourself, and He, because your name was written in His book, rescued you. Yes, you chose Him, but only after He first chose you and lifted you out of Satan’s bondage. Get on your knees and thank Him for rescuing you from a fate far, far worse than death, and for giving you the gift of life, eternal and glorious life.


Given God’s choice of us and the great blessings He has promised, how should we respond? How about in obedience to His commandments? Can we, shouldn’t we begin there? We have His will for us very clearly expressed in the Great Commission:

18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.   19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:  and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.   Amen. (Matt. 28:18-20)

We see, not just one but two, two! commands here. The first, the Gospel Message, is well known and has been obeyed to some degree. The second, though, the teaching of the nations has been grossly neglected for more than a century now. God is judging us, His servants, for this neglect. That judgment is here today!

When will we learn? Will we ever learn that we cannot disobey God with impunity? He will, for our own good, punish us, as long and as often as is needed, until we finally learn. Sinful selfishness runs deep within our veins and we need to recognize it for what it is. We need to repent and beg His forgiveness for permitting ourselves to have been so very desperately deceived.


Does this describe you? Are you this person? Have you been blessed beyond description and brought into God’s favor? If you are, really are God’s child, He has work for you to do for Him in this world. Yes, I know you are familiar with, and perhaps actively involved in, His call to spread the Gospel message, His message of free grace, to the extent you can.

But what about the second part of the Great Commission? To what extent have you taken up the responsibility to teach the nations, that is the people around you, to obey all God’s commandments? Is it, really and truly, your highest priority in life? Don’t kid yourself; it probably doesn’t come close to that high a priority. But does it have any priority at all? Do you see your nation as your responsibility?

You, in this modern and highly deceived world of Christianity, may find this a strange question. The idea that the nations, that is all the people of the nations as well as all the nations as nations, are to bow down and worship the Creator seems to have been set aside. You have very likely been taught that God has changed His mind (an utter impossibility of course!) and has given up the requirement of our establishing a Christian world-order before Jesus returns.

You’ve very likely come to accept the utterly false teaching that says Jesus will rapture His chosen people out of a very sinful the world long before they have done what He commanded them to do. How can He, the sinless, perfect God-man, condone any action that contradicts His own commandments? Clearly, He cannot and will never do for us, what He has commanded us to do!

To disobey our God’s clear commandment is to reject Him, an act only possible by an unregenerate person, a person still in Satan’s bondage. Think, before you reject this, what it is you are rejecting! It is God Himself! It is your eternal future that is at stake here!


Failure, failure and yet more failure. God is very, very patient with us and wants the best for us but He doesn’t contradict Himself, all evil and wrongdoing must be judged. Today in America and across the world, we as God’s people are feeling that judgment. We are in the midst of an epidemic of major proportions. Satan is using the many resources he has gradually acquired control of, to effect a major life-style reset throughout the world and especially in America. He has employed the fear of death as a tool to begin the subjugation of the once relatively free American people. He, through his agents, some of whom have been preparing for a century or more, have begun to execute a plan to convert this country into a totalitarian regime under their personal control.

It is employing what could have been a fairly minor epidemic, one that is being touted as far more serious than it actually is. A large portion of the nation’s work force is being kept at home, restricted to an extreme extent, and totally cowed into obedience by a very small but very powerful few. They employ the popular media—which they own, lock, stock and barrel—to promote this lie. They employ governmental leaders, and others they have acquired control over, to execute their plans.

Wake up America! Your freedoms are under attack and it is very near too late to stop this plan to enslave you! Wake up Christians! The heavy lifting is your responsibility. You are God’s army in this fight for control of the world. You must not stay asleep in your delusion that all is well while your sworn enemy is spoiling God’s world with ever-increasing boldness and rapidity. The wolf is at the door and you are giving him entry!