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Yes, we must obey someone but whom do we obey? The slave must obey his master or be punished. To avoid punishment, he obeys whoever holds the stick or the whip. Today’s slaves obey those that make the laws they abide by. For most, these are the various levels of civil law or what we call government.

What, though, is the highest law, the law that takes precedence above all other laws? For true Christians this is God’s Law, the law God gave to our ancestors and preserved in the Bible to this day. It is not a law that gives eternal salvation but it is the God-given rule for living and prospering in this world.

The question before every American today is, to which law do we give our obedience? Do we obey the force that has illegally and immorally usurped control or do we obey God? We must do both if we can but obedience to God is primary.

 In ancient Rome, many early believers died a horrible death rather than deny their faith and swear allegiance to Rome. How many Christians today would be ready to die if necessary, rather than deny their faith? The time when such a test will come may not be too far off. Satan has gained much strength in the last few decades. He has now launched his takeover attempt and thus far has met with much success. Surely, the time to choose death rather than deny our faith may not be too far off.

God’s people, though, those that should be opposing Satan, are soundly asleep. They were duped by the huge Darby/Scofield lie of a century ago. They believe that God actually changed His mind! They believe He has gone back on His Word, that most of the world will be lost, that only a very few will be saved and go to heaven. They deny the truth of God’s promise. Looking at the future that He sees as already accomplished, God says:

“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ;  and he shall reign for ever and ever.” (Revelation 11:15)

This is the future the God who sees the end from the beginning tells us will surely come to pass. God’s people will be victorious, not just at the end of the world but in time and in history. The victory will be their accomplishment. It is the task He assigned them to do. It is not a gift from God to a slovenly and disobedient people.

How, you may ask, can this be possible? The world is now securely in Satan’s hands and he isn’t about to release control. The key is God’s people. They, having believed a lie, are now idly waiting for Jesus’ return. They’ve been waiting almost a century now for what they expected would be His imminent return.  Most seem to believe the utterly ridiculous lie that says God changed His mind. God, though, who sees the end from the beginning never needs to change His mind, as we do so often.

For I am the LORD, I change not… (Malachi 3:6)

Dear fellow believer, where do you stand. Are you waiting for Christ’s soon return instead of doing the work he assigned you? If so, the time has come to reject Satan’s lie, roll up your sleeves and get to doing God’s work. A troubled and needy world is waiting for you to do as God commands.

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