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Children must learn to obey their parents at an early age.  What sort of world would we have if they never were taught to do so?  We cannot survive without the law and order which we begin to learn at an early age and carry into adult life.  As adults, our children will teach their children what they learned from us and a way of life is propagated through the generations.

In the past this was the case to a great extent and the character of this nation did not materially change from one generation to the next.  Sadly, this is no longer true.  Most children go to public schools and are taught by teachers that do not share the faith of their parents.  They are taught by college graduates that have been stripped of whatever faith they may have had and are now firm atheists filled with a desire to mold their students into their own godless form. 

This subversion of America’s youth has been in process with ever-increasing intensity for more than a century.  It has stripped our once God-fearing nation of all but a remnant of it’s previous faith.  As a result, America can no longer be considered to be a Christian nation.

In addition, many of the Christians that remain have been led to believe a lie.  It says that God has changed His mind and will end the world sooner than He originally planned but will rescue all true believers first.  Supposedly, they will be raptured, snatched out of the world before God’s judgment falls upon it.  A substantial number of God’s people have been deluded into believing this entirely unbiblical nonsense.     

So a great many of God’s people no longer believe what God says in His Word.  How is this possible?  How could they ever have been led so far astray?  It is due to their failure to obey God’s command to study His Word as they should have.  They relied on their pastors and failed to study, truly study His Word themselves.  They thought they could get by with listening to a sermon once a week and perhaps reading a verse or two once in a while.  They preferred to spend the bulk of their idle time playing games or watching godless movies rather than studying and discussing God’s Word together. 

So many of God’s people are so biblically ignorant that they were and still are like putty in Satan’s evil hands.  They believe Satan instead of God without realizing it.  How much longer will they wait for a rapture that will not come? Will most will continue to wait until they lose all faith in God and sink into total atheism? 

 It would seem that the near future does not hold much hope for a recovery.  It may be generations or even centuries before serious hardship, slavery or persecution restores the true faith once again.  Could this be the future we have to look forward to?  Why is true and lasting obedience so very, very difficult for us?  How long will we emulate the history of Ancient Israel over and over again before we learn to fully and truly obey God?  Will we ever learn?  Will it always be an up and down cycle or will we finally learn and begin to fully and truly obey God? 

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