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Kim Davis – The Outcome

Her courageous stand against the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage, which could have represented the beginning of a real movement toward godly government, has been downgraded to a stand for religious liberty.

Mr. Huckabee (who should have known better), instead of directing the focus of attention on the ungodly decision to its source and escalating it to the next level, settled for a public display. The godless marriages will continue but, hopefully, the county clerks of Kentucky will not have their names written on the licenses. This sends a signal to the Court and the entire godless government in Washington DC, that Christians are willing to go along with totally godless laws that openly contradict their faith as long as they can pretend that they are personally unaffected by them. And pretense is all that it is; these godless laws affect us all, especially our children. Shame on us for allowing them to continue!

Religious liberty, while important is insufficient. As long as Christians keep settling for less than godly laws, the Christian faith will continue to be squeezed out of the mainstream. Looking at what has happened to our laws and the culture in general, it’s hard to believe that Christians are still in the majority in America. We see from their response to the Kim Davis incarceration that the people are fed up with this and are looking for change. Sadly, though, their leaders (the pastors in the churches and notable figures such as Mr. Huckabee) continue to fail them. How long will it be (and how bad must it get) before we rise up, replace these pathetic leaders and take our country back?