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I n the Beginning

When we look up on a dark night and see a sky full of stars, what we are seeing is the Milky Way, our galaxy. It consists of hundreds of billions of stars. When we look through a powerful telescope, we can see that some of these objects that look like stars are actually galaxies, consisting of billions of stars. They are so incredibly far away that they appear to the naked eye as a single star.

From this we must conclude that the universe has structure. It consists of groupings of stars, galaxies or star clusters, that are separated extremely far from each other. The question that comes to mind is where did all this come from?

Is this huge, orderly and highly structured universe self-existent, uncreated, as some supposedly wise men say? Is there no intelligent being that put it all together in such an orderly structure? How could it possibly be accidental?

When we look more closely, at our own world we see another amazing thing. The world teems with life, a huge variety of living beings. What was the source of all this vitality? When a living thing, be it a plant, animal or vegetable dies, it disintegrates. It loses its coherence and decays. Living things exist and reproduce themselves, but how did they originate? The simplest living thing is extremely complex and could never have accidentally formed itself.

The presence of life in its simplest form, let alone what we see all around us cannot be an accident. Accidents do happen but they move downward, toward disintegration and decay, not upward to increased complexity.

How then, did living things originate? Certainly not spontaneously, from dead matter. The only answer is that life is eternally existent. There was at least one living thing from which all life sprung. To answer the immediate question: where did it come from? We must conclude that it had no beginning. It is eternal and must still exist. So we conclude that an eternal being, from which all life sprung, still exists.

The ancient Hebrews called this eternal being, the originator of all life, Jehovah. We call Him God. This infinite, eternal being wrote us a book that explains everything we need to know about these perplexing questions.

The Bible is an amazing book. It begins with the words: “In the beginning God.” It begins with the only being that has no beginning. This eternally existent, infinite Being created everything else, all that exists. He created all the stars we see at night and also the perhaps infinite number we cannot see. We live on a small planet in the solar system of a small sun. It is just one of the billions of suns we see as stars in the night sky. He created them all. He is all-mighty. He is God.

The Bible goes on to tell us who we are and how we should live in this home He created for us. It is His message to us, His, oh so very needy creatures. If we want to know more about ourselves and His purpose for us, we must go to our Creator’s book to find out. Go there with a heart that truly seeks, and you will surely find Him.

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