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There is much false hope and little true hope in the world today.  False hope is sought from many sources. True hope is to be found only in God’s Word.  God is the Infinite, Eternal, Almighty Creator of all things.  He created the entire universe by speaking it into existence.  He created this world and all its creatures jn six 24 hour days.  He has sustained it centurey after centurey for His purposes. 

When we consider the vast universe that surrounds us, billions of stars in this galaxy alone, we are truly humbled.  When we consider that some of the stars we can see are not just stars but actually far distant galaxies comprised of billions of stars.  Yes, there is a logical structure to the universe that God created with the breath of His mouth.

So the universe consists of stars and galaxies of stars.  Might there also be super galaxies each consisting of billions of galaxies?  When we consider that the God that created all this is in Himself infinite, it is not at all incredible to think that the universe He created might also be infinite. 

The only galaxy visible to the naked eye is Andromeda.[1]  The Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 million light-years[2] away and is about 200,000 light-years across. It is thought to contain about 400 billion stars.  These vast distances and huge numbers convey a sense of how great the universe God that created really is.  When we realize that these great distances are as nothing at all to God, It can help us comprehend something of God’s greatness.

Our Bible tells us that this Infinite, Eternal and Almighty God is concerned with such puny creatures as man.  Is this unreasonable?  Not at all!  He is fully able to apply an infinite amount of attention to each of His creatures in all of His universe simultaneously. 

What can we His so very weak creatures hope for in the face of such an almighty power?  It would seem that we could hope for anything within His will

This great God that created and governs this vast universe gives us, His creatures here on earth, just ten simple commandments to live by and what did we do?  We all failed to obey Him.  He gives us His Word and His promise and still we fail Him. 

God’s will is for the entire world to believe and obey Him.  He sent His Son to become a man and die for all that believe in Him but no one believed. 

He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell some of us and we believed but still we fail in many ways.  He commanded those that believed to spread the good news of salvation to the whole world and here also we failed to obey Him.  Instead of obeying God, many of His people believed Satan’s lies and gave up all hope of ever doing what God commanded them to do.  How foolish.  Does God ever ask the impossible of us?  Does He ever need to change His mind?  Of course not, He sees the end from the beginning and knows all things. 

Wake up child of God.  You’ve been drugged by Satan’s poison.  These are not the last days.  There is an unbelieving world that needs to hear God’s truth.  It is waiting for you to do as God commands.


[2] A light-year is about six trillion miles.

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