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God’s People

Where are God’s people?  Why are they hiding from their responsibilities?  The world is moving further and further away from God and ever further into to Satan’s clutches.  God’s people, the only force capable of resisting and utterly frustrating His evil designs, are either sound asleep or highly misdirected.  Many have been taken in by the lie that says God did the unthinkable, that He actually made a mistake and had to changed His mind!   Others have grown tired of working toward a seemingly unreachable objective, the conversion of the world, the entire world. 

But is it really unreachable?  Why would God give the people He sent His Son to die for, an impossible task?  He most certainly would not.  It was done once in Ancient Rome and could easily be done again today.  All that is needed is sufficient faith.  Faith, true faith, is highly contagious.  It is transferred from person to person and can easily sweep through cities, nations and continents.  All that is needed is a few with a sincere desire to spread the good news.

There are enough here in America today but God’s people have grown weary and too many no longer believe it is possible to begin a real revival.  This though will change.  As hardship increases and Jesus does not return to rapture them out of their troubles, His people will come to realize that they were very wrong, that they followed a false piper and were led far astray. 

God’s purposes have been set from eternity past and never change.  He was patient with the Israelites in Old Testament times and is patient with His people today.  When? you may ask, will His patience come to an end.  The answer is never! because he knows the end from the beginning and never needs to change His mind:

                        For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.  (Malachi 3:6)

One day, perhaps when being a Christian becomes more difficult and even dangerous its value will be better appreciated.  God’s people need to get back into the spirit they had a century or two ago.  They need to see a Christian world as a coming certainty.  They need to be so filled with reaching that goal that they diligently work at it day after day. 

God’s people will eventually come to grips with reality, perhaps not before true sacrifice will be their only remaining option.  They will abandon the foolish notion that God will rescue them from their failure to obey Him.  They will repent of their foolishness, ask God’s forgiveness and get back to true obedience. 

Pray that that day will come sooner rather than later.

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