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God’s People

Who are God’s people?  How are they different from everyone else?  What are their responsibilities?  God chose a group of people to be His special representatives to the rest of this world.  He gave them the gift of eternal life and asks them to accept the responsibility of telling others about this free gift.  It is the greatest gift anyone could ever hope to receive but no one accepts it without God’s help.  Everyone refuses it because they all are in bondage to Satan and under his control.  It is only when God intervenes and gives an individual ears to hear that he is able to hear and respond to His call.

Satan’s bondage is total.  Every child born in this world is born in this satanic bondage and remains in it until He or she is born again.  What does that mean?  Very simply, it is to receive a new Spirit, one that resides within the individual.  The born-again person has two spirits within his body.  He has the spirit that is he himself, and the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead.  When the individual dies, the spirits are released and continue to live. 

So, we see that there are two kinds of people in this world, some with two spirits and some with only one.  The former never dies but goes to heaven when the body dies.  The latter also continues to live but gpes to Hell, a place of continual torment.  Everyone is given an opportunity to choose between these two futures.  Many through inaction choose the latter and will spend eternity in Hell.  Others, with God’s help, choose to believe God and go to heaven where they reside forever.

This is what many of us learned, perhaps at our mother’s knee.  Everyone in the world hears and at some point in life either responds or fails to respond to God’s call.  Everyone is given an opportunity to choose or refuse the gift of eternal life.  God does not enjoy sending people to Hell.  He would prefer that all would repent of their sins and spend eternity in Heaven with Him and His Son.  

God’s chosen people are also given another gift.  They are given the gift of doing work for God, the work of passing the message of God’s free gift to others.  It is a gift to them because their natural desire is to serve God and also because they can be a part of making this world a Christian world.

Where, dear reader, are you in this picture?  Have you been born-again, born of the Spirit?  Will you go to Heaven or to Hell when you die?  This is a question everyone should seek to answer as soon as possible for death could be closer than we think. 

Is it an important question for you or do you consider it trivial and foolish?  If the latter, you are living in jeopardy of a fate far worse than death.  If you feel you have considered it and have addressed it to your satisfaction, can you remember when your life changed its direction?  A truly born-again person can distinguish a point at which his or her life changed and obeying God became its driving force. 

This cannot be merely going forward in response to an altar call.  Unless it occurred at a very early age, it would be a memorable life changing experience.  It would be a point in time that stands out and divides life into distinct before and after faith in Christ periods. 

Have you had such a once-in-a-lifetime experience?  Have you been truly born again?  If so you are God’s child and will never truly die.  You will move from one body to another and continue to live.  You will be with Christ and with everyone else that believes in Him, forever and ever and ever. 

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