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Foundations Under Attack

A century or so ago God’s people began a move from an uncomfortable house built on a rock to a more attractive house built on sand. They, like children, followed a pied piper who played a very catchy tune. It said, follow me and I’ll show you a much easier and far more pleasant way to serve God. You need not work so hard trying to convert the world to Christ any longer. Crazy as it may sound, God has changed His mind! He now has a whole new plan for the world. We are now in the last days; Jesus is coming soon, very, very soon, and there won’t be time to convert everyone. Indeed, most of the world’s lost souls will go to hell. We must do all we can to save as many as we can while there is still a little time left to us.

This was the tune that enchanted God’s people and that they fell in love with, beginning about a century ago. Sadly, too many of God’s chosen are still following the same old piper. Many are still fast asleep in a long dead dream.

Wake up Christian, the hour is late. The world is slipping out of your grasp and into Satan’s evil hands. Will God’s people never awaken? Will the Christian faith, once so strong in America, die out entirely? Will the judgment God sent this year be ignored by His sleepers? Must He send yet more severe chastisements before we wake up? God is indeed patient but He is also persistent and will do whatever He must to arouse His sleepers.

Prayer is needed but it cannot be prayer without action, which is a form of false prayer that God doesn’t answer. Huge prayer meetings that attempt to gang up on God won’t suffice. God’s people must recognize their responsibilities, roll up their sleeves and get to work. They must regain the strength they lost through lazy idleness and clean up the mess that the world has become.

It won’t be easy. The enemy has deceived two to three generations of God’s people. Many were taught a false story their entire lives and strongly resist the truth. They still desperately hold on to a fading belief that we are now in the last days and will soon be in the final week. This extremely weak and very misled generation is resisting God’s wake up call. The longer this persists, the more difficult and more painful the recovery will be.

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