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We all have duties of different sorts: duties to parents, children, spouses, and other people.  Is that it?  What duty have I omitted?  Yes, I forgot to mention our most important duty, haven’t I.  I didn’t mention our duty to God our Creator the One who made us and sustains us in life.

What is that duty?  Actually, there are many but which one is it that almost all God’s people not only neglect but seem to have entirely forgotten?  It is the Great Commission of Matthew 28: 18-20.  It commands all true believers to do all they can to teach the nations to obey all God’s commandments.  This is nothing less than a command to make the entire world a Christian world.  How few of God’s special born-again people fully obey Him in this! 

What do you suppose was God’s intent in this command?  Was He just trying to get as many saved as possible?  Did He know we would fail?  Did He change the rules by shortening the time allowed to finish the task?  Js the eternally existent, all-knowing, Omnipotent Creator of all things a God that changes His mind?  Isn’t it sacrilegious to even entertain such a thought?  How did so many of God’s people come to believe it? 

There is only one answer, one explanation that makes sense; they read it in their Bibles.  But which version might that be?  The only one possible is the Scofield Bible.  It does so not in God’s Word but in its explanatory notes.  So, it is the man Scofield that is responsible for this ridiculous idea and not our perfect and unchanging God. 

How is it possible that one man and one publishing house were able to deceive so many of God’s people for a century or more?   Some were critical but the great majority of the readers were so enamored with a Bible that explained itself they refused to listen.  So powerful was their attraction to it that pastors that resisted or tried to refute Scofield’s lies were replaced by their congregations.  Now, a century later, we see almost all fundamentalist churches solidly with Scofield. 

The end result was and still is a Christian population led, not by learned men but by popular demand derived from the writings of a single man, C. I. Scofield, a man of ill repute with a highly disreputable background.[1]

Today, the Christian world is in serious trouble.  While a great majority of God’s people are getting ready for Jesus’ supposedly imminent return, Satan has been busy.  He has taken control of The United States and most of the world.  The elimination of all opposition is now underway and it seems that Christianity may soon be forced underground. 

There will be no rapture to rescue the few as Scofield promised but the deceived Christian majority will remain passive until it is too late.  This will enable Satan to gain decisive control of America, the last bastion of freedom in the world.  A more bleak future is hard to imagine.

Yes, God is still in total control of all things but He is waiting for His people to obey Him and will not step in until we do.  We will when the situation degrades sufficiently.  That though, is likely to be a future generation, one that fully obeys God, and has not succumbed to Satan’s lies. 

[1] For a true picture of Scofield, see:  C. I. Scofield: Scoundrel, Shyster, and Scalawag.

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