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Why is this year so different? Why all the turmoil? Why are the youth being led to rioting and destruction of property? Why are some State Governors illegally forcing people to wear masks that are totally useless as a protection and actually harmful to ones health?

On the surface it is insane but there is a reason behind it. A few very wealthy and very powerful individuals have decided to convert America into a socialist-communist dictatorship under their control. They appear to be making considerable progress in most of the country. Most of these conspirators are not visible but are hidden behind corporations they own and control.

Hard to believe? Yes it is but there is no other explanation for what we see:

  1. The riots are well organized and well funded.
  2. Trailers full of placards, T-shirts, bricks and other supplies are in place and on-hand well before the riots begin.
  3. The rioters are mostly of college age but their leaders are older men, many with criminal records.
  4. The mainstream media fails to report and thereby covers up these facts.

Where is God in all this? We can be sure that He is still very much in control. He is employing this situation to achieve His purposes. His people have been asleep for over a century now and this is their wake-up call. They have followed a pied-piper, the Darby-Scofield duo that sold them a package of lies from Satan.

Darby taught that:

  1. The Bible is not the Word of God; it is paper and ink!
  2. God guides His chosen people by supernaturally communicating His wishes to them.[1]

Many of today’s Christians are not aware of this and hold Darby in high regard. In this they are, however unknowingly, doing the Devil’s work. They need to repent of their sinful disobedience to God’s command:

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations …Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:  and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.   Amen. (Matthew 28;19, 20)

When God’s people finally reawaken, we will see real change. All these demonic forces will shrink in fear and retreat into their hiding places. The sun will shine once again and many wrongs will be put right. God will be God once again and the confusion all around us today will end.

[1] Darby wrote: “I do not receive the Bible, that is, a revelation of God from the hands of men. I receive paper and ink. The revelation I receive of God directly—“They shall all be taught of God.” The revelation is the divinely-wrought conscience, and, I repeat, in the conscience.”

See a letter Darby wrote from London in 1874, (Search for “paper and ink”)

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