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There are different kinds of blindness, physical, mental, psychological, emotional, etc.  Today we see a new form of blindness that has infected America and much of the rest of the world.  It is a blindness that has infected many millions of people.  It is a consequence of continued exposure to a false reality, one that denies truth and substitutes lies for truth.  This is being done today by the huge majority of the popular media in the United States and around the world.

The information and entertainment media are owned and controlled by a very small number of extremely wealthy and extremely evil individuals.  They are pursuing a plan to convert this country and with it the entire world into an utterly godless dictatorship, one that they rule over with absolute and unquestioned authority.  

Will they be successful in this aggressive endeavor?  The only sure way to stop it is through a massive revival of the Christian faith.  This however, does not seem likely in the near future.  Too many of God’s people have been deceived by a lie that Satan employed over a century ago.  Due to a failure to obey God and seriously study His Word for over a century, their general knowledge of scripture has declined precipitously.  As a consequence, they were utterly unable to see through Satan’s very obvious lies in the so-called Scofield Bible and fell headlong into his evil trap.  

Some of God’s people are beginning to see through some of Satan’s evil lies but many are still waiting for an escape via a rapture event that absolutely will not take place.  No, Jesus will not return and there will be no rapture event until after the entire world is converted to Christ.  This is the task God has assigned to His people and in which they are now failing. miserably.

One day God’s people will wake up and see that they are on the wrong track.  It’s difficult to see today just when that may take place.  It will very likely be only after a period of continued decline followed by increasingly severe hardship that enough of God’s people wake up and begin to obey God once again.  This is not likely until a true world-wide revival takes place. 

Some are beginning to see the light but most of God’s people are still in dreamland waiting for God to rescue them out of the terrible situation they have permitted to take place in today’s world.  There is no alternative, no other way out of the sad situation their negligence has brought about. 

Yes, you God’s chosen and so very highly blessed people have been deceived, very, very badly deceived by the greatest of all deceivers, Satan himself.  You must first wake up yourself and then wake up as many other believers as you can.  There are enough true believers here in America today to initiate a world-wide revival.  Just a little spark can ignite a huge fire, one that will consume the evil and change the world.

Take the first step now!  Be a leader and lead your fellow believers, those that have been blessed with the greatest gift anyone could ever receive, the gift of eternal life in heaven with Christ.  He will reward you when He says: “well done good and faithful servant” and welcomes you into His presence with exuberant joy and much love.

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