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A Trip to Mars

Veni, Vidi, Vici.  We went, we saw but there was nothing there to conquer.  Mars was only a barren waste, not to be compared with mother Earth.  Here we see thousands of life forms and there none, none whatever, not even the simplest microscopic life form.  Why so?  Why so much life here and none whatever there?  If life evolved from non-life as so many supposed wise men say, there should have been some form of life there; at least a very primitive beginning point. 

Why was the absence of any trace of life such a disappointment to many?  It was because many of our leading scientists hate the thought of God and hoped for some proof in support of their declared atheistic faith. 

Actually, there are no true atheists in the world.  Everyone knows in their heart of hearts that there is a God, a God that created them, a God whose judgement they must face one day.  Their atheism is a pretense they use as a shield to hide behind.  They know they are disobeying God and tremble in fear whenever life is threatened. 

Why though, if they’re not true atheists, do they not fear and obey God?  Why do they not repent and beg God’s forgiveness?  It is because they are in Satan’s bondage and cannot even see the Kingdom of God. 

God, though, is merciful and gives everyone at least one point in life where he is able to see and freely choose God.  How many, though take advantage of this opportunity?  Again, no one does; all, left to themselves, reject God’s free gift and choose Satan.  God, of course, knew this and sent the Holy Spirit to indwell all those He previously chose.  The eyes of these chosen and highly blessed individuals were opened and they gladly accepted God and life instead of Satan and death. 

The world then is populated with three kinds of people: those that have already chosen God, those that will eventually choose him and those that will never choose Him.  Only those that have already truly chosen God know where they stand.  They recognize God only because God had already chosen them and sent the Holy Spirit to indwell them.  No one chooses God on their own initiative.  All are in Satan’s hands and entirely unable to do so. 

In which group, dear reader, are you?  Do you believe God and trust Him?  Have you placed yourself in His tender, loving care?  Have you surrendered your life to Him or are you still your own master, leading and directing yourself here and there without His guidance?  If the latter, are you at a loss of what to do and where to go in this mad world?  It is a world that has turned it’s back to God, a world that denies Him and rejects His tender, loving care.  

Do you understand that we are all God’s creatures and always need His wise guidance?  Satan is very real and leads many astray with his devious temptations?  Has he tricked you into believing you don’t need God’s help, that you are fully able to make your own decisions?  He is very good at deception and has led many self-confident people astray.  We cannot resist him without God’s help with even what often seem like simple decisions. 

Perhaps it’s time for you to stop trying to control your own life and instead place yourself fully in God’s care.  Try it, test Him and see that His promises are true.  You will be very pleased with the outcome. 

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