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A Lost World

What is happening?  What has turned the world upside down?  What is driving the current panic?  It’s not the virus.  That is no different from a half-dozen previous viral epidemics that were handled without this ridiculous panic.  No, it’s not the virus; it’s something new to this country and to the entire world.

America is experiencing something it has never seen before.  It is a political coup led by the world’s super-rich, an attempt to destroy the nation we came to love and enjoy.  Even more, it is an attempt to take control of the entire western world.  If successful, it will effectively place the control of the world in the hands of three superpowers: Russia, China, and The West.

This extremely wealthy few, through the major corporations they own and control, have very near total control of the popular media most people depend on for their understanding of what’s going on in the world.  They employ this huge power to shape the thinking of the supposedly free American people.  Their purposes are twofold, personal wealth and continuation of the power they currently enjoy. 

The greatest danger they face is a restoration of the Christian faith the people once had.  It would very rapidly topple the economic empire they now own and employ to control us.  Sadly, this faith is growing weaker rather than stronger.  It is beginning to look as if it will not be this generation that rises up to this challenge.  Too many have fallen prey to Satan’s lie and believe that God has changed His mind (???) and decided to not wait until the entire world came to the true faith as He promised. 

Many of God’s people have been and are still misled by a lie of Satan in the so-called “Scofield Bible”.  This is an ordinary King James Bible with Scofield’s/Satan’s notes embedded within the text.  These Satanically-inspired notes lead the typical readers far astray of God’s truth.  Many are waiting for a rapture event that will not come until the entire world is in the faith. 

Why is Satan so powerful today?  Why is he able to lead so many of God’s people astray?  It is because God’s people have failed to obey God.  They have spent most of their otherwise idle time in foolish pursuits instead of in the study of God’s Word.  They have relied on Sunday sermons and have not spent any serious time in the study or discussion of God’s Word with fellow believers.  God’s Word has not been studied and discussed with friends or family members diligently during the week.  Instead, various sorts of worldly entertainments have filled the otherwise idle hours.  What does this really mean?  It means that God’s Word is not truly in first place in their hearts.  They are Sunday morning Christians, if true Christians at all.  

Sadly, today’s world is full of Sunday morning Christians that don’t seem to value their faith very highly.  They believe they will live forever in Heaven no matter how little they do for God on earth.  They feel little or no urgency to truly live for God and do the work God assigned to them.  Actually, it was merely asked of them.  After freely giving the gift of eternal life, God asks, merely asks His so very highly blessed recipients to pass the Good News on to as many others as possible. 

Is this so hard?  Or is it that so many supposed believers don’t really believe?  Could so many be deceiving themselves and will end up in hell rather than heaven?  Where are you, dear Christian?  Is your faith true?  If it is you should be seriously applying yourself to the God-assigned task of diligently spreading the good news to others. 

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