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A Christian World!

Christians long ago gave up on the idea of ever achieving a Christian world. They decided that it could never be done and settled on just maintaining a Christian remnant that hopefully would survive to the end. We retired to our Christian citadels (churches, schools, homes, etc.), which we attempted to fortify against intrusion by unbelief and are just now beginning to see how impossible it is to do so. We have given up control of both civil government and the national culture to unbelievers and they have responded in exactly the way we should have expected of them.

They are, systematically, step by step removing every trace of God’s law from the nation’s laws. They have forced their godless moral standards into the schools, into every form of media, and into our very living rooms. The Christian faith has been marginalized in many respects. How long will it be before we see open hostility toward the faith and the faithful? When will we begin to see that we have taken a wrong turn and that we cannot settle for anything less than total victory? Christianity cannot survive as a remnant; the opposition will not permit it; it is all or nothing, live or die!

Jesus told us to convert the nations to the faith; all the nations are to be brought into complete obedience to Him (Matt, 28:18-20). He knew that halfway measures would be inadequate and would result in the tragic situation we have come to. He placed the future of the world in the hands of His people and waits patiently in heaven for us to obey. He will not interfere; He has given us this responsibility and will not do for us what He has commanded us to do. When will we come to our senses and see this truth? When will we repent, turn from our wicked silence, and begin to obey the One who died for us? A glorious future lies before us. Must we enter it with our heads hung down in shame because of our disobedience?