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Why do you say that Christianity and humanism are the only two religions in the world?

Christians believe, with very good cause, that the Bible is the word—the only word—of the only true God, the eternally existing God that created all things. Humanism, in its modern sense, denies the existence of any god and says that man is on his own. It is consistently anti-God and based entirely on man’s word.

The contrast between the two then, is that one is based on God’s word and the other on man’s word. All other religions are based on books created by man, man’s word and are therefore variants of humanism. They may and often do contain elements of truth but their authority is based on idols created from man’s imagination.

In fact all religions, including much of Christian practice, have incorporated into their systems non-scriptural elements that derive from man, elements of humanism. So what we see everywhere in today’s world is a mixture of God’s word and man’s word, a mixture of Christianity and humanism. It is so pervasive that Christians must continuously strive to eliminate humanistic thinking from their faith.